Vision, Mission & Ethos | World Mission Associates | Promoting local sustainability in global missions

Vision, Mission & Ethos


A catalyst for advancing the creation of indigenous, self-sustaining, and self-multiplying disciples of Jesus and communities of faith around the world.


Equipping the global faith community to practice missions through the lens of dignity, sustainability, and multiplication.

Ethos ~ DAY 1 affects DAY 100

We believe that what the mission community and disciple-makers do on DAY 1 (at the foundational level) will either accelerate or inhibit indigenous, self-sustaining, and self-multiplying disciples and faith communities on DAY 100 (in the long-term).

Therefore World Mission Associates equips the international faith community to practice missions on DAY 1 in a way that indigenous Jesus-followers and faith communities flourish in a context of dignity, sustainability, and multiplication.