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Coaching, Teaching, and Training


World Mission Associates is dedicated to empowering, equipping, and mobilizing missionaries, missionaries-in-training, disciple-makers, church planters, leaders, and churches to build a culture of local sustainability and spontaneous multiplication in Great Commission efforts.

Coaching, Teaching, and Training Platform

Day 1 Affects Day 100 Workshops

WMA’s workshops are based on the foundational principle: What we do on Day 1 will either lead to or impede local sustainability and spontaneous multiplication on Day 100.
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WMA offers a support structure for strategy change and implementation through coaching—offering guidance, insight, resources, encouragement, and accountability.
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Customized Training

WMA’s customized training is tailored to a specific emphasis (such as church planting, oral strategies, storytelling) or specific settings (such as teams, training centers, universities).

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Awareness Conversations

WMA facilitates awareness conversations about creating a context of sustainability, dignity, and possibility in global mission efforts in informal settings such as church life groups, chats at a coffee shop, or phone and video calls.
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Guest Speakers

WMA provides inspirational and strategic speakers with-a-purpose upon invitation.
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TOM WIEST – Team Leader of Pioneers’ Amazon Net Team

Our Pioneers team contacted WMA for counsel and help. We as a mission have been forming new teams to reach the unreached peoples of the Amazon…WMA’s insight and counsel has been vital to our coming together as missions serving the tribal people of the Amazon. We look forward with hopeful expectation to see what God will do in the future. We have already started a pilot project that would serve as a role model for sustainable and reproducible outreach by an indigenous church that is currently seeking to take the gospel to another completely unreached tribe group. We greatly appreciate WMA and all those who have helped WMA help missionaries like us.